The Gems Playlist

I compile a weekly album-length playlist of classic and new tracks, called Gems. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music, with listening notes available to subscribers to LP on Substack.

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The most recent Gems playlist is
#039: Shangri-La


Each Gems playlist is sequenced with ‘Sides 1 & 2’. The notes show where the ‘sides’ begin and end. LP was born as a celebration of the rock album; albums as artworks in their own right, taking the listener on a journey while not – necessarily – embracing a concept.

I usually include some of my favourite new tracks, often by bands new to me. The tracks have to be available to stream, of course. Other new music sources include Bandcamp, which lets you listen to and buy high-quality files of the albums and tracks you like. It’s a tough economic environment for musicians and artists of all kinds. I make a point of reinvesting some of the funds I receive from paid subscriptions to LP in new music1.

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  1. As well as popping some in the ‘buy a new laptop’ fund – see also the ‘buy me a coffee’ button, bottom right. ↩︎